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Transform your old react-native projects to starter kits and earn 💰 on the side

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What we provide

We guide you through the whole process of designing, developing and marketing your starter kit.

Development Guidance
Standardized Docs
Design Guidance
Full Product-Design
Interface Mockups
Clean landing page for your react-native starter kit
Advertisement through multiple channels (including paid ads)


  1. You need to provide support to your clients
  2. You need to be the license owner of the code
  3. You need to provide updates
  4. We receive a 27% commission per kit sale


By connecting with your starter kit buyers, you will have the chance to get hired as a freelancer by teams worldwide. Our marketplace will generate high reach for you and introduce you to new opportunities in the tech industry.



What do I need to include in my starter kit?

Your starter kit should be about one specific topic, like dating, eCommerce, fitness, or something else. It should include multiple screens and clean components. The screens should be correctly wired and include routing.

Who decides about the price of my starter kit?

The pricing of each starter kit will be individually determined together with its creator based on the scope & quality of the starter kit.

How will I get paid out?

You will get your payout on a monthly base through stripe.

How can I see the performance of my starter kit?

You will get access to our seller platform, where you can see all your transactions, analytics, clients and starter kits.

How do I publish or edit my starter kits?

After applying and becoming a verified seller, you will get access to our platform, where you can edit your starter kits and also publish new ones.

What should I do, if my client requests too much support?

You only need to provide basic support. You don't need to fix the bugs of your client. Good documentation automatically results in fewer support requests. If your client needs special help, you can offer him freelance work for an hourly rate.

Become a seller

Become a verified starter kit seller and earn money on the side